About All Food Tabs

Ideal Snacks was the company that first marketed the Food Tab, as All Food Tabs, back in the 80's. We were the producers of the Food Tab and supplied them. They did fabulously well for two main reasons. One, they had a product that worked and everyone loved... the Food Tab... and Two, their compensation plan worked and paid out nicely. They're out on the business now. We still get phone calls from their former distributors asking us to offer the Food Tabs again. We must have heard the same story dozens of times... That they were all making 5 figure incomes every month with the Ideal Snacks and the Food Tab, and please, please let’s do it again. Well we're doing it again! So to sum it up; First we have a proven, time tested, preparatory product... The Original Food Tab.

We haven't promoted or strongly marketed the Food Tabs in over 15 years and people are still finding us. Calling us with glee on their voices and buying the Food Tabs just because they work and they're great to eat. The second point is that we have a proven time tested compensation plan that pays out big time! In fact, the main difference in the plan that Ideal Snacks used and the one we use now is that we pay out more. How can we do this you may ask? The answer is, there isn’t a marketing company in between us "the producers" and you "the distributor", which means that we can pay out more to YOU... and we are! As mentioned, we can give money to the distributors who earn it. That’s you! The idea is to have some fun and make money.

Oh... you’re probably wondering whatever happen to Ideal Snacks. Well, they blew it. They tried to produce their own food tab. It was a flop and their organization and company fizzled. The result is that over the years so many of those previous Ideal distributors have rediscovered us and the Food Tabs and have encourage us to... Let the Food Tabs to ride again!

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